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People often ask which brands are most popular with our clients. Here you’ll find a list of the top results in 2014. There are some surprises from our 2013 numbers including a new top brand and top selling vehicle.

10. Jeep (2013 Ranking #10)

Jeeps remain a fantastic choice for both families and outdoor enthusiasts. The refresh of the ever-popular Grand Cherokee and the complete redesign of the Cherokee led the brands sales growth.
Top sellers include the Grand Cherokee (shown), Cherokee and Wrangler.

9. Subaru (2013 Ranking #9)

Subaru’s combination of all-wheel drive, durability and fuel-efficiency make them a natural fit for the outdoorsy crowd. Additionally, their EyeSight crash prevention system received the highest ranking possible by the IIHS. (See: Should your next car have a crash prevention system?)
Top sellers include the Outback (shown), Forester and XV Crosstrek.

8. Ford (2013 Ranking #8)

With its EcoBoost gas engines, hybrid models and Energi plug-in hybrids, Ford is building a reputation as a leader in fuel-efficiency. Ford trucks and SUVs remain solid choices while its sedans are achieving a growing loyalty with our clients.
Top sellers include the Fusion (shown), Explorer, F-150 and C-Max.

7. Lexus (2013 Ranking #7)

Lexus remains the leader in the luxury hybrid space and even falling gas prices haven’t decreased the demand for its hybrids with our clients. (See Hybrid Payback Period: Lexus)
Top sellers include the RX350 (shown) and RX450h, ES300h and CT200h.

6. Mercedes-Benz (2013 Ranking #6)

The stylish GL-Class SUV and luxurious E-Class sedans remain our top selling Mercedes-Benz models, but the newly introduced CLA-Class and GLA-Class are off to a steady beginning with Cartelligent clients.
Top sellers include the GL-Class (shown), E-Class, C-Class, GLK-Class and ML-Class.

5. Honda (2013 Ranking #5)

Hondas remain a great option for those looking for a fun-to-drive, reliable vehicle that holds its resale value. Both the Fit and the Odyssey showed an increase over 2013 sales.
Top sellers include the Odyssey (shown), Accord, CR-V and Fit.

4. Volkswagen (2013 Ranking #4)

Volkswagen offers a sporty drive and a variety of fuel-efficient engine choices including hybrid and diesel options. With the Golf and GTI winning the North American Car of the Year, it’s no surprise they’ve been a prevailing choice this year.
Top sellers include the Jetta and Jetta SportWagen, Golf (shown) and Tiguan.

3. Audi (2013 Ranking #3)

The clean lines and sporty handling of the brand make it a perennial favorite. In 2014, Audi added the A3 sedan and Q3 crossover to its line and both are already in demand with Cartelligent clients.
Top sellers include the Q5 (shown) and Q7, A4, A6 and allroad.

2. Toyota (2013 Ranking #1)

For the first time since we started this list, Toyota was not our top selling brand. However, its reliability, resale value and fuel-efficiency kept its sales steady in the runner-up position.
Top sellers include the Prius family, Highlander (shown), Sienna, Tacoma and Camry.

1. BMW (2013 Ranking #2)

BMW had a fantastic year among Cartelligent clients in 2014 reaching the #1 position. The introduction of the 2 Series, 4 Series and the plug-in i3 broadened its reach and brought a number of first time buyers to the brand.
Top sellers include the 3 Series (shown), 4 Series, X1, X3 and X5.

Last year the ubiquitous Prius was dethroned as our #1 seller by both the Audi Q5 and the BMW 3 Series. This year, the introduction of the 2 and 4 Series has diluted sales of the 3 series enough to bring it down to #4 on our list while the Audi Q5 was narrowly edged out in a two way tie for our best-selling vehicle…

Toyota Prius (2013 Ranking #3)

Why we love it: The Prius is back in a tie for the #1 spot. It remains the undisputed leader in hybrids and an attractive choice for clients who are looking to cut their spending on fuel.

BMW X5 (2013 Ranking #6)

Why we love it: With an available third row, the X5 combines the utility of a full-size SUV with the luxury and performance of a BMW. Its availability has increased in the second half of 2014, lifting it up to tie for our #1 spot.

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