Our smartphones are taking over more and more of our everyday lives. It makes sense that they would be able to control some functions of our vehicles as well. From locking and unlocking the vehicle, to checking diagnostics, to seeing the vehicle’s current location, there are a number of functions now available from our smartphones. In this piece, we’ll look not only at what these apps can do, but also at which manufacturers offer them.

What functions do smartphone apps offer?

Functions vary by manufacturer, but many offer the following:

  • Lock/Unlock: Lock or unlock the car via your smartphone from anywhere
  • Send destination: Send destination information directly from your phone to your car’s navigation system
  • Remote start/stop: Start your car from your phone to warm it up in advance or stop it if it’s currently running
  • Real-time diagnostics: Check tire pressure or other gauges from your phone
  • Electric vehicles: Check your car’s range, battery level and settings
  • WiFi Hotspot: Manage your WiFi hotspot
  • Roadside assistance: Use your phone’s GPS to request assistance and send the exact location of your car
  • Schedule maintenance: Set up maintenance appointments and find a local service center
  • Vehicle location: Find your car on a map if you forget where it’s parked

Which vehicles offer connected smartphone apps?

As of the time of writing, the following manufacturers have apps for Apple and Android phones. Not all of these apps are free and some require additional subscriptions such as OnStar in order to access their features.


Audi offers three smartphone applications. The MMI Connect app allows owners to send destination information from their smartphone to their navigation system, stream music, get traffic reports and find their car’s location. Audi’s roadside assistance app connects owners with roadside assistance or helps them find a service station. The e-tron app is only for e-tron owners and manages functions of the vehicle.


The AcuraLink app includes functions such as lock/unlock, real-time diagnostics, schedule maintenance, and send destinations to the navigation system.


BMW has three smartphone apps. BMW Connected Drive can be used to lock/unlock the car, change the vehicle temperature, and locate the car. The iRemote gives i3 and i8 owners access to battery levels, range and charging information. BMW Roadside Assistance dispatches service when needed.


The MyBuick app provides remote start/stop, real-time diagnostics, vehicle location, and lock/unlock.


The MyCadillac app supports real-time diagnostics, sending destinations to the navigation system, scheduling service appointments and managing a WiFi hotspot.


The myChevrolet app offers remote start/stop, lock/unlock, real-time diagnostics, schedule service, roadside assistance, and manage a WiFi hotspot.


Mopar Connect allows remote start/stop, lock/unlock, and vehicle location.


Mopar Connect allows remote start/stop, lock/unlock, and vehicle location.


Mopar Connect allows remote start/stop, lock/unlock, and vehicle location.


Ford Remote Access’ functions include lock/unlock, vehicle location, remote start, and real-time diagnostics. A separate version lets plug-in hybrid owners manage their car’s battery and range.


Genesis Intelligent Assistant not only provides remote start/stop but also reminds owners when they should use it by accessing calendar data and current temperature. Other functions include lock/unlock, real-time analytics, and send destinations to navigation.


The myGMC app allows owners to lock/unlock, remote start/stop, send destinations to navigation, view real-time analytics, and schedule maintenance.


HondaLink’s functions include lock/unlock, roadside assistance, parking reminders, send destinations to navigation, and schedule maintenance.


MyHyundai with BlueLink provides lock/unlock, remote start, roadside assistance, schedule maintenance, and real-time analytics.


Infiniti Connection offers lock/unlock, real-time analytics, send destinations to navigation, and schedule maintenance.


Mopar Connect allows remote start/stop, lock/unlock, and vehicle location.


Kia UVO eServices provides real-time analytics, vehicle location, schedule service, and driving history.

Land Rover

Land Rover InControl offers real-time analytics, vehicle location, roadside assistance, lock/unlock and remote start.


Lexus Enform Remote allows lock/unlock, remote start/stop, and real-time analytics. The separate Lexus Roadside Assistance app connects owners to assistance while driving.


Mazda Mobile Start’s functions include remote start/stop, lock/unlock. and vehicle location. The Mazda Assist app offers roadside assistance.


Mercedes me provides remote start/stop, lock/unlock, send destination to navigation, and roadside assistance.


MINI Connected allows real-time analytics and send destination to navigation. There is a separate Roadside Assistance app.


Nissan Connect Services features remote start/stop, lock/unlock, real-time analytics, and roadside assistance.


Porsche Car Connect offers lock/unlock, real-time analytics, and vehicle location.


MySubaru allows remote lock/unlock and vehicle location.


Toyota Owners includes roadside assistance and real-time analytics.


Volkswagen Car-Net allows lock/unlock, vehicle location, send destination to navigation, and real-time analytics.


Volvo On Call provides roadside assistance, real-time diagnostics, vehicle location, lock/unlock, and a driving journal of where the car has been driven.

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