Some new vehicles are “what you see is what you get.” You go to the lot, examine your options with the people at the dealership, sign all the paperwork, then drive home. However, ordering a new car can be a great choice if you’re looking for something very particular to your needs from a luxury brand, and we’re going to tell you how to special order a car and answer a few questions, like “is it cheaper to order a car from the factory?”

Merits of Ordering a New Car

We have to recommend ordering a new car for luxury brands and premium trims of economy brands that have a lot of customization options. For instance, a brand like BMW or Porsche offers you plenty of options to customize, in some cases, over 100,000, while a brand like Chevy might only offer a few dozen options for customization. In other cases, you might not find very many models of a certain vehicle, such as the Porsche Macan, on the lot, leaving you with ordering as your only choice.

How to Negotiate a Factory Order Car

One thing that gives you an upper hand when negotiating ordering a new car is that you don’t pay for the insurance and lot fees that a lot vehicle would incur. This means that you have some room to negotiate when figuring out what you’ll pay for that factory ordered vehicle.

How Long Will It Take?

The answer to this question depends on where your vehicle is coming from. Vehicles from American brands will typically take 6 to 8 weeks if the vehicle is made in the United States while if you’re getting a European vehicle that’s manufactured in Europe, you should expect to wait as much as 90 days. Keep in mind that most European brands manufacture their SUVs in the States and their sedans in Europe, so this should influence your decision.

How Do I Place a Special Order?

Unless you’re going through a third-party source like Cartelligent, you’ll either go through the manufacturer or the dealership to custom order your vehicle. If you’re adamant about a special order, don’t let the dealership sell you something in the wrong color and with the options you don’t want. Cartelligent can help you get a great deal on exactly what you want. Call our team of car-buying experts at 888-427-4270 or get started today.