As you search for your next new car for your Walnut Creek drives, you may find yourself wondering whether to use a local car dealership or an auto broker. While either can find you a car for your morning commute, there are certain benefits you can gain when choosing an auto broker. What is an auto broker? Find out with this guide from the Cartelligent team and then discover the benefits of using an auto broker for your next car purchase.

What is an Auto Broker?

The first question many Orange County drivers have when searching for the best way to buy their new car is, “What is an auto broker?” To put it simply, auto brokers like Cartelligent are professional car buyers. When you talk to an auto broker, you work out the details about the make, model, and features you want for your new vehicle, and the auto broker will take all that information to do the bulk of the car-buying legwork for you. 

Choosing an Auto Broker vs. Dealer

There’s a big difference between the traditional car dealership experience and using an auto broker in California. Below, we break down some of the benefits of using an auto broker when searching for your next car:

  • Auto Brokers Put You First: All auto brokers work directly for and with you, the customer, to prioritize your specific needs, such as budget, features, and body styles. Our only goal is to give you the best car-buying experience possible.
  • Auto Brokers Save Time: After your initial consultation with your auto broker, you can sit back and relax while your auto broker searches San Francisco and San Jose dealerships to find the perfect vehicle for you. This saves you time and money, eliminating much of the hassle that often accompanies buying a new car. 
  • Auto Brokers Have Expertise: Auto brokers tend to have a large repertoire of knowledge when it comes to different makes and models. Even if you’re not sure what model you’re looking for, an auto broker can help you brainstorm ideas based on your driving habits, letting you skip hours of research into new or recent model-year vehicles.
  • Auto Brokers Save Money: Auto brokers like Cartelligent have built relationships with California car dealerships over the years, allowing you to access special discounts and incentives without having to lift a finger. 

Trust Your Local Auto Broker in California: Cartelligent!

Are you ready to buy your next vehicle, hassle-free? Then get started with your local auto broker, Cartelligent! Speak to one of our advisors today about the car you’re searching for, and our team of experts will begin the search. Learn more about how buying with Cartelligent works, and then visit our FAQ page for any questions you may have about using an auto broker in California. Whether you’re looking to buy, lease, or sell, Cartelligent is here to simplify the process.