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Oct 21

With distracted driving on the rise, consumers are demanding more advanced safety systems that can help prevent accidents before they happen. New technology can minimize the impact of blind spots, alert drivers when they veer out of a lane and even apply the brakes when an accident is imminent.

Oct 16

While the idea of driving an electric car can be appealing to many of us, the reality of what this entails is still relatively unclear to a number of people. This guide attempts to add clarity and make it easier to decide if an electric vehicle is the right choice for you.

Oct 4

One of the benefits of leasing your vehicle is the flexibility it offers at the end of the lease term. As a lessee, you can choose to buy out your current leased vehicle, lease another car (either from the same brand or try something new), or simply return the car and walk away.

Sep 30

We’re often asked if a hybrid vehicle makes more sense than its gasoline sibling.

Sep 25

New parents can be overwhelmed by the amount of work required to prepare for their new little one.

Sep 18

These days car buyers are overwhelmed not only by the multitude of cars and configurations available, but also by the number of payment choices.


  • Gabriel S.
    Redwood City

    "Cartelligent is a great way to buy a car, full stop. There are other services that ostensibly help with getting the best price. But Cartelligent is just the easiest, most time-efficient, most easy-going way to buy a car I've ever used (and I've use a quite a few). I'd definitely do it again, and I recommend it to family and friends. Money really well spent."

  • SD

    "Cartelligent was GREAT! No pressure, easy to work with, and the ease in signing the paperwork is worth the cost ($500) alone. I was super concerned about price. Kept calling various dealerships to make sure I couldn't get a better deal by going straight to the dealership. I couldn't. And the money she saved us in the extended warranty was amazing. Highly recommend."

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